The natural rooms at Kandahena Cinnaman Garden gives a panoramic view of Mathugama hill range.Enjoy quality time with your loved ones with our delicious food. An luscious greenish trees while enjoy almost all the recreational facilities

Rooms & Cabanas

We have few kind of rooms. So many rooms like cabana. It means room in a hotel is a separate small room that is independant of the hotel. Sorta like a small beach cabin. Usually, these rooms are complete with small sitting room, bathroom and sometimes even a kitchenette. It's a great way to vacation, as you don't have to deal with anyone else in the room next door, the elevators, etc. When we built rooms we have protected natural beauty likewise have tried to protect natural environment comfortable.


In our restaurant we'd love to present a tasty variety of exotic Sri Lankan dishes to you. For a change you can visit our restaurant.
We invite you to enjoy paradise with comfortable atmosphere. Enjoy your meals prepared with local and regional ingredients and cooking techniques made.

Swimming pool

We have a swimming pool facilities for children and adults.